Coiled Tubing and Flow Back Photography

New Oil and Gas Wells being Completed and Evaluated


A pair of coiled tubing rigs simultaneously completing horizontal Niobrara wells on a five well pad.


Well operators check and adjust flow rates on a newly completed east Texas oil and gas well.


A series of production tanks stand ready to contain oil produced from 5 new wells on the same pad after coiled tubing completions.


Dual coiled tubing rigs complete a series of northeast Colorado Niobrara wells.


A fiery sunset is the backdrop for a new flowing Delaware basin oil and gas well as a rig drills another well nearby.


A starburst highlights one of two wells on a five well pad being completed by coiled tubing units.


Coiled tubing units work around the clock to bring on production from new horizontal oil and gas wells.


During an oil and gas flowback test, a well's hydrocarbon producing potential is evaluated. Produced water and sand are removed for reuse and disposal.


A blowout preventer controls high pressure as one of five horizontal Niobrara oil and gas wells is completed.


Cranes hold coiled tubing hangers in the air as they complete recently fracked oil and gas wells.


Circular fisheye image of 5 oil and gas wells being completed by two coiled tubing units working simultaneously.


Strong, flexible coiled tubing units quickly mill out isolation packers that allow multiple zone stimulation of horizontal wells.


A flowback test measure production potential of an east Texas well as well as removing excess proppant and frac fluid from the production stream.

Images of Coiled Tubing and Flowback Operations